The timepiece works with an automatic Swiss movement, synonymous with precision and accuracy in every operation. At 3 o'clock there is a date display which offers information on the precise date and day of replica watches the week. The crown of the Gemini watch is screwed while the strap is in steel. The model can also be used as a chronograph thanks to a beautifully crafted 60-second subdial.

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չþҡͺͧѭ˭ءҹ ѧҡҹբǴҷԹҡӾѡçͧͧ ö¡㹪ͧ͢ ҡͧԹӹdz繢ͧ ҹԹӹdz٧ 觧ҹ¹ʨ֧ͧ٧鹹ͧ 繡¹Ҥͧ˭ԧ Ѻ繢ǴѺҤѹءҹ…555

ǹǴբͧ 2556 餧Թ͹ҧ Ρѹҵ» ͤѰǾҪɮաһѺçҧԹؤŸѺԹطԨҡ 5 7 ռźѧѺ㹻 2556 2557

Ѻըҡ 5 7

ԹؤŸҢͧ 2556 ˹Ẻѹ 1 Ҥ-31 չҤ 2557 ѺẺҹԹ ѹ֧ 8 ¹ 2557 ¤Դҡǧ١ҡ鹨ҡ 5 ѵ Դշ 10-37% 7 ѵ ҡ 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% (ҧ)

ҪǧͧԹطԵͻշŴŧҧѴਹ 4 ǧ

ط㹪ǧ 150,000–300,000 ҷ Ŵŧ٧ش 7,500 ҷ

ط㹪ǧ 500,001–750,000 ҷ Ŵŧ٧ش 12,500 ҷ

ط㹪ǧ 1,000,001–2,000,000 ҷ Ŵŧ٧ش 50,000 ҷ

طҡ 4,000,000 ҷ Ŵŧ 2% ͵ӹǹԹط


ҤԴѹ ûѺҹẺ鹺ѹ䴢ͧѰ㹤駹Ŵ㹡è餹ӧҹªԧ ੾мԹ 30,000 ҷ͹ ͻ 360,000 ҷ ն١ŧ֧ 50% ¡Ŵŧ¾ѹҷ 觢Ũҡþҡк դҳ 1.4 ҹԹ㹡ҡ ǹԹ͹֧ 20,000 ҷ͹Ҩ-ͧ繻ªùѡ

㹢з褹Թһ 4 ҹҷ Ŵŧҡ 1.075 ҹҷ ͻ 1.003 ҹҷ Ŵŧ 5 ¤ջҳ 20,000 ҡѵҡѵһѴҡ ֧٧ лѴʹҷͻաԧ ѧѵҹҷͻ

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