The timepiece works with an automatic Swiss movement, synonymous with precision and accuracy in every operation. At 3 o'clock there is a date display which offers information on the precise date and day of replica watches the week. The crown of the Gemini watch is screwed while the strap is in steel. The model can also be used as a chronograph thanks to a beautifully crafted 60-second subdial.

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ѭҷѡоѹ "㺡ӡѺ" ͼԡõͧ͡Ѻ١ ੾ҧ㺡ӡѺٻẺѡҹ㹡âիͤ׹ ͧԹԹ

ѭҷѡоѹ "㺡ӡѺ" ͼԡõͧ͡Ѻ١ ੾ҧ㺡ӡѺٻẺѡҹ㹡âիͤ׹ ͧԹԹ ԡù 觼¨еͧ㺡ӡѺٻẺɮҡ ͺ鹩Ѻ㺡ӡѺ ѡ㺡ӡѺ ͡ŧ§ҹբ 3 ѹӡùѺҡѹ㹡ŤԴ 㺡ӡѺٻ ɮҡ ҧµ¡ôѧ仹
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  1. "㺡ӡѺ" 㹷Ѵਹ
  2. ŢШӵǼҡâͧСͺè¹Ѵ㺡ӡѺ
    ¶֧ ͼСͺ ͪʶҹСͺ ͪ͡äҢͧʶҹСͺõ騴¹Ť , ¶֧ ͼСͺ ͪʶҹСͺ ͪ͡äҢͧʶҹСͺõ騴¹Ť, ¶֧ 駢ͧʶҹСͺõ騴¹ óкطúǹ ¡÷к١ͧ ö͡˹觷駷Ѵਹ кطúǹ
  3. ͧ ͪͼСͺ ʶҹСͺ ͡âͧʶҹСͺ 騴¹ óպؤŸ֧ʡŴ óкتͼúǹ ͧ Ź () ФӷСͺ˹ 繷ҧѴਹԴ㨼Դ繼Сͺ "觻" ¹ "" кتͤúǹ óкتͼ µС óء ѹ ԴҴ 繷ҧѴਹԴ㨼Դ繼Сͺ кتͤúǹ
  4. ŢӴѺͧ㺡ӡѺ ŢӴѺͧ ()
  5. Դ ҳ ŤҢͧԹͺԡ Դ ͧԹͺԡ к੾Ъ Դ ͧԹͺԡ ͧŤ㺡ӡѺ 㹡óշդ繵ͧкت Դ ͧԹͺԡ ͧŤ㺡ӡѺմ зµͧѴͧ¡¡ʴ繪ѴਹԹͺԡ÷ͧŤ
  6. ŤҢͧԹͺԡ÷ѧŤ ШӹǹŤӹdzҡŤҢͧԹͺԡ ¡͡ҡԹͺԡѴ óŤ㺡ӡѺըӹǹҡ͹¡ŤӹdzҡŤҢͧԹͺԡ ٳѵŤô 100 ѹͧҨҡäӹdzŤ繨شȹ СͺõͧյӹǹŤӹdzҡŤԹͺԡ ٳ ѵŤ ô 100
  7. ѹ͹ ͡㺡ӡѺ Ţ᷹кت͹طѡҪ ʵѡҪ
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