The timepiece works with an automatic Swiss movement, synonymous with precision and accuracy in every operation. At 3 o'clock there is a date display which offers information on the precise date and day of replica watches the week. The crown of the Gemini watch is screwed while the strap is in steel. The model can also be used as a chronograph thanks to a beautifully crafted 60-second subdial.

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¿Cansado de los habituales relojes de esfera redonda y poca imaginación? En este caso, el modelo que te conviene es sin duda el Bulova Rectangular. Es un reloj fabuloso, protegido al máximo gracias replicas relojes a la caja, fondo de caja y brazalete en acero inoxidable. Tal como se anunció, la esfera tiene forma rectangular y su color predominante es el azul.